27 Things To Do With Ping Pong Balls!

Do you have a bunch of useless old ping pong balls sitting around that you don’t know what to do with? Put them to the test with these amazingly fun craft projects! 🙂 

Things to do with old ping pong balls:

1. Make fake snowmen!

2. Glue one end of a piece of yarn to a ball, and start a ball of yarn!

3. Tape them to wires on a headband, and call yourself an alien! 

4. Punch a key chain in a ball, and use it as a key chain holder!

5. Make fake rings for parties! 

6. Make a small hole in a ball, fill it with three or four beads, and make a baby rattle!

7. Make ladybug or creepy crawler toys!

8. Make salt and pepper shakers! 

9. Decorate the edge of your favorite pot handle with a ball!

10. Put balls on each picket of your fence!

11. Put balls in your fish tank to drive your fish crazy!

12. Put a ball on the end of your pencil! 

13. Make clown noses!

14. Make hippie belts with string and balls!

15. Use as decoration on hair clips! 

16. Make long chained earrings with balls on the end!

17. Put on the tips of your shoes for the “genie effect”!

18. Give balls as presents, with a few ideas off this list!

19. Use as beads for necklaces!

20. Use as weapons!

21. Slice a ball in half, and use it as a container!

22. Make fake flowers!

23. Use as floaty toys in the bathtub! 

24. Make miniature balloons!

25. Poke holes in a ball, and use it as a button!

26. Draw a smiley face on a ball to cheer you up! 🙂

27. Slice off the top of a ball to use as a cup, bowl, or dipper!